Mayhart Limited can offer many unique solutions, including:-

Digital Video Creation - encoding of existing footage from tape or conversion of existing material from one format to another.

Mechanical Control Systems for moving objects under show control, as part of an integrated display solution.

Bespoke Database Software, for information collection. We have created databases for interactive multimedia applications for collecting visitor data, as well as Visitor Registration systems for large exhibitions and the creation of a photo credit card style pass database for printing and tracking of secure passes.

Custom written interactive kiosk software including interactive control of lighting and external hardware from within the presentation.

Conference Management from the badging of delegates to the AV equipment. Mayhart Limited have staged conferences including 8m wide 3D presentations to smaller single screen events.

DVD authoring - Authoring of DVDs from the simplest auto playing, auto looping DVD for single display, to synchronised DVDs for multiple displays, as well as more complex menu structures for interactive DVD projects

HDTV video creation and encoding for delivery from our synchronised Hard Drive MPEG2 Playback systems